Ep. 24: “Game on” with Kimberly Shotick


We have our first Very Special Guest™ this week! Ron doesn’t count. He’s just regular special, not Very Special. Don’t tell him I said that. Kimberly Shotick, librarian and assistant professor at Northern Illinois University’s Founders Memorial Library, joins us to talk about the upcoming exhibit “Game On: The History of Video Games and Gaming Consoles,” which she’s curated and will run from August 15 through September 15. She tells us what we can expect to see at the exhibit, how it came to be, her favorite piece on display, and much more! If you can’t check out “Game On” in person, take a look at the (still in-progress) website, which has lots of great info and resources: https://libguides.niu.edu/retrogaming. We also go through some gaming news and what we’ve been playing. Can you believe Stardew Valley came up again? I swear we’re not being paid to bring it up every other episode (though we will accept a bottle of your finest Melon Wine, Chucklefish *winking emoji*). Thank you again to Kimberly for joining us, and if you’d like to reach her you can hit her up on Twitter (@KShotick) or via email (kshotick@niu.edu), and we hope to have her back on soon!

Contact us: prettypixelspodcast@gmail.com

We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey), and @bigbadron (Ron), and @KShotick (Kimberly)

00:04:03: Joey’s oddly hyped about Ariana Grande’s Fortnite concert this Friday (Aug 6)

00:07:44: Horizon Forbidden West all but confirmed to be delayed to early 2022 L

00:11:44: Blizzard president J. Allen Brack steps down in wake of toxic workplace lawsuit

00:13:00: The Stray gameplay trailer is cuuuuuute

00:19:25: Ron’s been wrecking demon’s shit in the PS5 upgrade of DOOM Eternal

00:27:52: Kimberly’s playing Octopath Traveler and still loving Stardew Valley

00:34:20: Joey’s still on his Persona 5 Royal bullshit, playing Everybody’s Golf, and discovered a potentially cool and useful podcast about game studies (Game Studies Study Buddies)

00:36:29: Interview with Kimberly!

00:48:23: Joey was thinking of Rebecca Heinemann, who was a developer, not a composer. Apologies!

Theme song by lovers.tiff: loverstiff.bandcamp.com

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