A Very Pretty Pixels Xmas


Happy holidays to you, dear listeners! Grab a festive mug, fill it with your favorite hot beverage, and huddle up to your phone or other podcast listening device for a very special Pretty Pixels Xmas Special. Yes, I said “special” twice, because this episode is filled with holiday magic. Join us (Ron, Paul, and Joey) as we recall some of our fondest (and… regular-ist?) Christmas and holiday memories. There are surprises, fake-outs, a virtual grandpa absolutely demolishing his real-life family members in the ring, and yes, there is even a NINTENDO 64!!! *dramatic fist pumps* (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFlcqWQVVuU) And, for reasons I’m already forgetting even though we literally just finished recording, Joey shares a recent dream he had about Taylor Swift. She has a great Christmas song so that totally fits the theme. Kind of. Maybe. Let’s move on. We also talk about the newest Nintendo Online Plus Expansion Pack games, the free Final Fantasy VII Remake PS5 upgrade for PS Plus members, Hades’ Hugo Award win, and what we’ve been playing. Have fun gaming/geeky holiday stories you want to share? Send us an email and we might read it on an upcoming episode!

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00:02:57: Nintendo Switch Online Plus Expansion adds Paper Mario for the N64, and Altered Beast, ToeJam and Earl, Dynamite Headdy, Sword of Vermilion, and Thunder Force 2 (Genesis) to the service

00:07:04: PS Plus owners who redeemed FF7 Remake as a free game for the service in the spring can now get the PS5 version free of charge (via IGN)

00:08:18: Hades (2020) becomes the first video game to win a Hugo Award (via Kotaku)

00:17:49: Paul’s obtained a super cool weapon in Demon’s Souls and has been dipping into Halo Infinite and Back 4 Blood when he can

00:23:56: Joey’s weird Taylor Swift dream

00:27:32: Ron’s still playing GTA: San Andreas and is also very impressed with the Unreal 5 Matrix Experience demo

00:32:55: Joey finished Halo 4 and Halo 5: Guardians, is still loving his time with Metroid: Samus Returns, and has been playing lots of Jackbox Party Packs 2, 3, and 6 with the family

00:43:33: Warm (some of them) and fuzzy (as in, we’re old and can barely remember) Xmas memories!

Referenced videos:

Nintendo 64 kids: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pFlcqWQVVuU

Poor kid, Xbox 360 prank: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhO-OE931D4

PSP, PSP, PSP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0G0LlXv-nyI

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Who Knew That Review? Part II!


A Pretty Pixels Superstorm is sweeping over all four regular hosts this evening, and three of us are hunkering down and recording the much awaited sequel to Who Knew That Review?, which Joey has lovingly dubbed Who Knew That Review Part II! Paul joins the fray this time, as he, Joey, and Ron read old video game reviews, omitting key words and phrases, trying to guess the game being discussed. We were a little all over the place this time but we’re finding a groove and looking forward to another round soon! If you have a game review that you’d like to suggest, email us at the email below. That aside, we also talk about the new PlayStation controller and cover colors, the massive Back 4 Blood update dropping tomorrow, and what we’ve been playing. Next week is a very holiday themed episode, with the same trio revisiting tales of Christmas Past, reminiscing about video game or nerdy gifts and memories. “Nintendo 64!!!!!!!!”

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00:02:33: Sony introduces beautiful new Dual Sense and PS5 cover colors, coming soon (via PlayStation blog)

00:07:28: Back 4 Blood finally gets a massive update that addresses many gamer concerns

00:13:38: Ron’s been playing Halo Infinite (as have we all) and running down a dream in GTA: San Andreas

00:22:00: Paul’s been beating Mario at his own game in Mario Party Superstars and rolling around in Demon’s Souls

00:23:16: Joey’s finished with Jurassic World Evolution 2, has started Metroid: Samus Returns, and is blazing through Halo 4

00:25:44: Who Knew That Review? Part II!

00:28:31: Game 1 (Ron)

00:38:00: Game 2 (Joey)

00:43:30: Game 3 (Paul)

00:50:25: Game 4 (Ron)

00:56:45: Game 5 (Joey)

01:05:52: Game 6 (Paul)

01:10:50: Bonus game!

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Ep. 42: Our Favorite Games of 2021


We were so excited to record our first ever Games of the Year episode, and the whole gang’s here! As fans of gaming podcasts new and old, we’ve always dreamed of the day we, too, could immortalize our own tributes to the games we’ve loved in a given year. We briefly discuss The Game Awards and report who among us had the most accurate predictions, we touch on the recent layoffs by an Activision/Blizzard studio, talk about Sony’s rumored Xbox Game Pass-like subscription service, chat about Halo and other things we’ve been playing, and then we get into it – our favorite games of 2021. There was not nearly as much crossover as we’d expected! We’ve all been playing Halo Infinite, but will it land on anyone’s list? What about the remasters and re-releases of the year, like Final Fantasy VII: Remake Intergrade and Mass Effect Legendary Edition? Did we go with the big blockbusters or remember the little indies? No spoilers here but take a listen and let us know YOUR top games of 2021! We also give out some very exclusive and prestigious awards, such as Hey, Good Lookin’ (Best Visuals/Graphics), Regretfully Backlogged, Most Annoying Enemy, Best Game Hunk and Babe, and more!

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00:01:45: Raven Software, an Activision/Blizzard studio that works on CoD, lays off QA workers (WaPo, Polygon)

00:04:40: Sony’s reported Game Pass-tyle service may be here by spring 2022 (Bloomberg)

00:08:44: Masayuki Uemura, lead architect of the NES and SNES, dies at 78

00:10:21: You can’t report abusive/toxic players in Halo Infinite’s multiplayer (and other Halo Infinite discussion)

00:22:43: Joey is almost done with Jurassic World Evolution 2 and breezed through Sakura Succubus 3

00:23:27: Paul finished up Far Cry 6 and dived right into Demon’s Souls

00:26:05: Tab’s been mowing lawns and avoiding walls in Lawnmower Simulator

00:27:31: Ron’s been grinding away at GTA: Vice City

00:29:18: The gang unloads on the ridiculousness that is The Game Awards, actively lamenting the lack of respect for the “Awards” part of that title, which seems like it should be important, in favor of cramming as many paid advertisements, trailers, and nods as possible (oh, and we reveal which of us won our predictions episode!)

00:38:47: Our 2021 Games of the Year! We each go through our top five favorite games and then quickly shout out a few bonus games

01:32:58: Joey: I said “Talia” twice, like an absolute monster. I know your name, Tali, my love. Please forgive me ☹

01:59:15: Specific game “awards” (Late to the Party/Oldies but Goodies, Hey, Good Lookin’, Best Music/Soundtrack, Best Game Hunk, Best Game Babe, Most Annoying Enemy, Best Dressed, and Regretfully Backlogged)

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Ep. 41: EGM‘s 1996 Video Game Buyer‘s Guide


It’s the end of the year, which means we’ll soon be inundated with video game award shows and Best Of lists galore. We’ll have our own version of that next week but this week we wanted to take you on a journey. A time-travel journey. Grab your Discman and hop in the DeLorean, we’re heading back to 1996 with EGM’s 1996 Video Game Buyer’s Guide! Who was the “Best Game Hunk” of 1995? And what was EGM’s “most anticipated” console (that had already been released at time of publication)? Does their Game of the Year hold up? Listen to find out! We also chat about the disappointing Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales this year, Warner Bros.’s new Smash-style fighter, and what we’ve been playing. Come back next year for our 2021 games of the year – the whole crew will be there!

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00:04:42: Black Friday/Cyber Monday disappoints

00:14:10: Warner Bros.’ character fighter is real and coming in 2022

00:22:03: Ron dives into GTA: Vice City and is still playing Back 4 Blood with Joey

00:34:42: Joey’s playing Halo with Tab, was blown away by Before Your Eyes and is still tending dinos in Jurassic World Evolution 2

00:48:36: The 1996 Video Game Buyer’s Guide (by EGM)

02:12:43: The Glove: https://www.looper.com/281642/what-you-didnt-know-about-n64s-bizarre-glove-controller/

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