Ep. 25: Mass Effect Legendary Edition


This week, Joey’s joined by Paul Grosskopf: friend of the show, friend of Joey and Tab, and massive fan of all things Mass Effect! Well, I didn’t verify that for sure. There may be a plushie or body pillow that he’s not a fan of, I can’t say. But I do know that he loves the original Mass Effect trilogy, which we both played from front to back with the recently released Mass Effect Legendary Edition! We dive deep into each game in the series, talk about favorite scenes, characters we love, who we romanced, and much, much more. It’s four and a half hours of in-depth gushing and semi-serious analysis. Feel free to take some breaks, because I wish we had! Seriously, I was a sweaty bag of meat by the end. Anyway! We also touch on recent updates in the Activision Blizzard case, Steve Gaynor’s fall from grace at Fullbright, new Ghost of Tsushima: Legends content, and what we’ve been playing.

Special shout-out to Ron for cleaning up my seriously messed-up audio track. I’m still learning the ropes and things sounded very rough on my end this time, but he was able to salvage it and it sounds much, much better thanks to him. So, thanks again, Ron!

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We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and Ron (@bigbadron)

00:11:10: Ghost of Tsushima: Legends will also be standalone, have extra content

00:14:17: Steve Gaynor asked to step back from role on Fullbright’s upcoming Open Roads due to numerous allegations of toxic management

00:19:15: Activision Blizzard investors are concerned about financial impact from recent lawsuit; big sponsors are putting partnerships “on hold”

00:26:50: Paul’s been hacking away in Hollow Knight and slingin’ burgs in Overcooked: All You Can Eat with Joey

00:32:00: Joey’s loving his way through Persona 5 Royal, somewhat liking his way through the Ariana Grande Fortnite concert, and really digging the Back 4 Blood beta

00:45:40: Mass Effect Legendary Edition! We set the proverbial table here, then make our way through each game

00:58:52: Mass Effect

01:42:52: Mass Effect 2

02:39:45: Mass Effect 3

04:00:10 Final thoughts, Mass Effect Andromeda, and what we want from a new ME game after the teaser that BioWare dropped in December

Theme song by lovers.tiff: loverstiff.bandcamp.com

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