Ep. 31: Newgrounds.com


We start this episode with the very midwestern tradition of talking about the changing of seasons. It’s fall! There are so many games coming out! We were also lucky enough to record on a Nintendo Direct day, so we talk about the wacky Super Mario Bros. movie casting, N64 and Genesis games being added to the Virtual Cons- oops, I mean Nintendo Switch Online Service, plus the new Kirby, the old KotOR, Bayonetta and more. Our central discussion is on Newgrounds.com, the famous (infamous?) Flash (RIP) portal where many game developers found a platform and community early in their years. We walk through a brief timeline for the site, talk about our discovery of the site and time on the forums, Alien Hominid, Castle Crashers, the Clock Crew, and more. We talked for about 90 minutes but it feels like we barely scratched the surface. Also, Joey still doesn’t believe Tom Fulp is CarrotClock.

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00:04:35: Nintendo Direct! We skim past some stuff, but our main stopping points are:

00:05:50: Chocobo GP

00:09:03: Kirby and the Forgotten Land

00:09:34: Sick burn alert

00:10:55: N64 and Genesis games are being added to the Switch Online in late October; and wireless N64 and Genesis controllers!

00:22:20: Knights of the Old Republic port. Whaaaaaaat?

00:25:42: Bayonetta 3

00:27:29: That Mario movie cast. Phew! What a wild ride

00:40:47: Ron’s been playing the moving game, plus some Phasmophobia with Joey

00:42:56: Joey’s been playing Life is Strange: True Colors and Deathloop

00:52:26: Newgrounds.com discussion

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Ep. 30: Bidding on Upcoming Releases


*auctioneer voice* “Do we have one dollar, one dollar for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, that’s one dol- we have one dollar from the bald man with a beard, do I hear two dollars, can we see two?” This week, Ron, Tab, and Joey play a bidding game we like to call All Your Bids Are Belong to Us, graciously borrowed from an old episode of the Game Informer Podcast. We start with $250 each, then bid on upcoming games that we want to play. The winners get to play the games they win, but the losers can’t touch them for at least a year. Well, not really, but those were our fictional stakes. Games that have official release dates and a handful that have been announced and have had gameplay shown count, so we go through quite an extensive list. There are a few feisty bidding wars, but overall we were all happy with our lists. It was fun!

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00:04:01: Dying Light 2 delayed until February 2022

00:06:33: Tab and Joey have been playing Life is Strange: True Colors

00:07:56: Ron got bap bap bapped by a ghost playing Phasmophobia with Joey

00:09:55: Ron’s also been playing some Hitman and Everybody’s Golf

00:12:42: All Your Bids are Belong to Us! $250 each. Bid on what you want. Losers can’t play for at least a year. Featuring pretty much every upcoming major release, including (among many others):

00:42:15: Alan Wake Remastered

00:50:55: Far Cry 6

00:52:24: Metroid Dread

00:54:50: Back 4 Blood

01:16:06: Jurassic World Evolution 2

01:25:16: Halo Infinite

01:29:14: We Are OFK

01:35:36: Saints Row

01:37:23: Horizon Forbidden West

01:43:06: Starfield

01:46:11: Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers

01:46:54: God of War: Ragnarok

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Ep. 29: Aging and Gaming


Ron and I were shocked, absolutely shocked I say, at this week’s PlayStation Showcase, which we watched just before recording. The long-awaited Knights of the Old Republic Remake is real, and apparently it’s going to be on PlayStation and PC only! What! Wolverine! Spider-Mens! Radiohe – wait, let me adjust my fake glasses and double check my notes – yes, Radiohead! What a wild ride. That mess of exciting announcements aside, Joey’s been playing some short games, Ron’s been wrestling with Sony customer service, and we both talk about growing older as gamers. I’m not going to promise that we never utter the phrase “back in my day.” In fact, I think there is at least one of those in there somewhere. But we talk about some of the struggles that come with aging into this hobby. Plus, our official Pretty Pixels Podcast Viennetta review!

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00:07:27: Our official Viennetta review, as requested by absolutely no one

00:11:44: Sony’s PlayStation Showcase was off the proverbial chain, as they say (no one says that anymore)

00:12:11: Knights of the Old Republic Remake! Whaaaaaaaaaat!

00:15:47: Ron will finally get to play Alan Wake

00:16:53: GhostWire: Tokyo

00:17:46: Deathloop

00:19:47: Radiohead’s Kid A Mnesia

00:22:19: Insomniac is making a Wolverine game AND Spider-Man 2 with both Spideys and Venom? Double whaaaaaaaaat!

00:24:59: GTA V

00:28:42: Gran Turismo 7

00:31:31: Project Eve, Forspoken

00:33:24: God of War: Ragnarok

00:36:11: Ron’s Sony customer service drama, plus he’s been playing Everybody’s Golf and Hitman

00:51:22: Joey’s been delivering mail in Lake and consuming short visual novels like Sakura Succubus 2 and Pantsu Hunter

01:10:14: Joey, Ron, and Tab have been getting spooked again in Phasmophobia, babyyyyyy

01:17:11: A coupl’a aging gamers: Joey and Ron reflect on getting older and maintaining the video game hobby

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Ep. 28: Video Game Food


Tab’s back to talk with Joey about food in games! We talk about the delicious sushi in Persona 5, the exquisite sushi in Yakuza 0, the mouth watering sushi in Joey’s stomach because as soon as he was done recording this episode he put in an order for carry-out sushi from his favorite local place. Mmm. Sushi. We talk about the impact on atmosphere and world-building that food in games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Final Fantasy XV makes, and more broadly how games like these make us want coffee, curry, or whatever damn delicious thing is on our screen. Tab also talks about their seemingly never-ending quest to get an Xbox Series X, and we touch on news stories like Dr. Lupo’s leap to YouTube, the new Saints Row game, Steam’s dumb refund policy hurting game developers, and a few bits and bobs from Gamescom 2021. Thanks so much for listening, and we’ll catch you next week!

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00:06:44: Xbox releases beautiful new controller (Aqua Shift)

00:08:42: Emika Games, developer of Summer of ’58, gets screwed by Steam’s 2-hour refund rule

00:11:03: Gamescom bits: April O’Neil in Shredder’s Revenge, Morgana in Monkey Ball, Halo and Horizon get release dates, new Saints Row game

00:14:40: Dr. Lupo makes a Dr. Leapo exclusively over to YouTube Gaming

00:26:13: Joey finally finishes Persona 5 Royal (again), still rockin’ with Microsoft Flight Simulator

00:32:54: Slap on a bib and grab a fork, we’re talking about food in games!

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