Ep. 23: Desert Island Scenarios


We have zero money for licensing music, but just pretend that Weezer’s “Island in the Sun” plays over the beginning of this episode, because this week we’re talking about our desert island games! We’re not stopping at the normal “which three games…” though. We go over several scenarios, including which single series we would choose, which single console and library we would take, which couch co-op game we’d take if we were stuck together, and more. We also talk about the lawsuit initiated against Activision Blizzard by the State of California (and the general response and discourse surrounding it) and the show of love for gaming at the Tokyo Olympics. Plus Tab talks about indie games Mind Scanners, Our Life: Beginnings and Always, and Call of the Sea, and Joey’s been playing lots of stuff, including Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!, Persona 5 Royal, and Halo 3 multiplayer.

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00:01:36: The Tokyo Olympics opens with tons of video game music, plus the Russian gold medalist sharpshooter is a huge gaming nerd

00:06:43: EA announces Dead Space remake

00:07:55: California sues Activision Blizzard over toxic culture that has significantly affected women in particular – we think that we need to do more than “better”

00:25:21: Tab’s playing Mind Scanners, Our Life: Beginnings and Always, and Call of the Sea

00:30:42: Joey platinum-ed DDLC Plus! and played a bunch of multplayer games with friends Gari and Ron over the weekend, with a big focus on Halo 3 multiplayer. He also went and started yet another run of Persona 5 Royal

00:42:42: We’re stranded (on our own, independently) on a desert island for life. We have food, water, shelter, and (strangely enough) electricity. What three games do we want to have with us?

00:55:15: What is one entire series (including spin-offs) that we’d take?

01:02:16: If we could have just one system with its entire available library, which would we choose?

01:10:13: Which three online games would we pick (if we magically had internet access and servers were magically up and always populated)?

01:20:31: If we were stuck on an island together, which three couch co-op games would we collectively decide to take with us?

01:22:31: Joey confirmed after recording that Tetris & Dr. Mario does, indeed, have a combo mode, so it does count and is not cheating and Tab is a doodyhead

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Ep. 22: Video Game Dads


Hey, daddios! Tab’s back to discuss fatherhood in games. We chat about the roles fathers play in many games, how they’re portrayed, the ways in which loss and absence motivate and define them, and (most importantly) which Dream Daddy did we date first? We also touch on Valve’s Steam Deck, the uproar over a recent Kotaku headline, Skull and Bones going into alpha, and what we’ve been playing.

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00:03:09: Valve reveals the Steam Deck, which Tab swiftly pre-ordered

00:18:40: Discourse erupts over a snarky, harsh Kotaku headline

00:30:13: Ubisoft finally moves Skull and Bones to alpha

00:33:11: Joey’s been playing Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! and coding many, many screenshots of Persona 5 Royal, while Tab has been dabbling with House Flipper and the Power Washer expansion

00:43:10: Video game dads. What role do they serve in narratives? How are they portrayed? What are some interesting examples of dads in games?

00:45:15: Woof woof!

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Ep. 21: Nostalgia, Final Fantasy VII, and the Dick Chariot


Guess who’s back? Back again? Ron is back. Tell a friend. Seriously, tell a friend about us if you think they’d dig yet another video game podcast where people just sit around and talk about games. Wait, I’m not selling this very well. Anyway, this week Ron joins Joey for a discussion about nostalgia and gaming. We touch on some fun news first, like this fall’s Smash-like, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl and Atlus’s plans for Persona’s 25th anniversary, then Joey talks about finishing Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: Episode INTERmission and playing Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Our discussion of nostalgia centers on our shared history with Final Fantasy VII, but we also hit up Grand Theft Auto III, Chrono Trigger, and nostalgia in general. Have questions or suggestion? Send us an email or hit us up on Twitter! We are very lonely. Please. Please, someone. Email. Now. L

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00:01:38: Skyward Sword HD releases this week

00:02:39: Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, coming fall 2021

00:11:05: Atlus has a “year of Persona events and more” for the series’ 25th anniversary

00:20:37: Joey’s finished Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: Episode INTERmission

00:25:12: Joey gets into some slight, vague spoilers for Doki Doki Literature Club [Skip if you have any interest in playing the game at all!]

00:31:13: Nostalgia: we walk through our memories of the original Final Fantasy VII, how Final Fantasy VII Remake tickled our nostalgia, and explore how other games (like Chrono Trigger and GTA III have or haven’t had similar effects)

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Ep. 20: The ol’ Switch(aroo)


With the news of the Nintendo Switch OLED Model dropping, we decided to use the opportunity to talk all things Nintendo Switch. After discussing the future of the Assassin’s Creed series and what we’ve been playing/watching, we talk about the new Switch model, our early Switch memories, fun times we’ve had with the system, favorite games, and more.

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00:06:15: New RoboCop game announced for 2023

00:08:34: Ubisoft planning “live, online games service” for Assassin’s Creed series (via Bloomberg)

00:14:00: Ghost of Tsushima is getting a director’s cut this August

00:21:14: Tab’s been scooping up roaches in House Flipper and fuckin’ shit up in Farming Simulator

00:25:53: Joey wrapped up Final Fantasy VII Remake and is on to Intergrade, and is also watching the Persona 4 Golden anime

00:29:44: Nintendo announces a new OLED model of the Nintendo Switch

00:35:12: Switch madness! We talk about launch, some favorite memories, our favorite games, and more

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