Ep. 14:We Watch Uwe Boll Movies For Some Reason


We’re joined this week by our very first special guest: Ron! We’ve mentioned him often, both as a friend and as the composer of our theme music, and he joins us to discuss some of director Uwe Boll’s most notorious video game adaptations. We each watched Alone in the Dark (2005), BloodRayne (2006), and Postal (2007), and after many hours of crying and wondering why we subjected ourselves to this, we chatted about the many, many issues with these movies. We also chat about Twitch’s hot tub stream blog and new diversity tags, the upcoming Sony State of Play on Horizon Forbidden West, our experience with Mass Effect Legendary Edition, and more!

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00:02:00: Twitch won’t take action against sexy streamers; they also introduce a plethora of diversity tags

00:04:02: Sony announces a new State of Play, focusing on Horizon Forbidden West

00:07:30: Kotaku posts a video about video game movies, includes Alone in the Dark and BloodRayne as two of their three “worst”

00:08:03: Tab and Joey have been playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition; Ron hates fun

00:13:45: Ron’s been playing Control, Wreckfest, and Cookie Clicker

00:20:39: Intro to our ill-advised Uwe Boll adventure (in which we watched Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne, and Postal)

00:24:30: Alone in the Dark

00:42:07: Tab had a background issue with mowers, which is why they disappear for a bit

00:50:40: BloodRayne

01:20:05: Postal

02:04:11: Check out Ron on Instagram! @notbigbadron

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Ep. 13: Seasonal Gaming Memories


What season do you associate with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? How about The Last of Us Part II? This week, we talk about games that we associate with certain seasons, whether it’s because the game “feels like” the season or we have specific gaming memories tied to a particular season. We touch on Persona 5, Harvest Moon 64, Fallout 3, and more! We also discuss the removal of humanitarian aid articles posted by IGN and Game Informer by their parent companies, John McClane and Rambo coming to Call of Duty: Warzone, and eBay’s new ban of adult video games and other “pornographic” material. Next week, we’re having special guest Ron on to discuss some of Uwe Boll’s infamous video game adaptations. If you’re interested in following along and sharing your thoughts, we’ll be watching Alone in the Dark, BloodRayne, and Postal. Email or hit us up on Twitter and we might share your thoughts on the show!

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We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @RandomMox (Tab)

00:02:53: E3’s coming, babyyyyyyy

00:05:37: IGN and Game Informer have humanitarian efforts thwarted by their parent companies

00:11:00: Far Cry 6 releasing in September

00:13:08: John & John (McClane and Rambo) are coming to Call of Duty: Warzone along with the former’s Nakatomi Plaza as a playable map

00:14:35: eBay is banning adult content, including A and X/XXX rated video games

00:17:47: Tab’s playing Far Cry 5

00:18:21: Joey’s still playing Resident Evil Village and moving on to Mass Effect Legendary Edition

00:25:47: We talk about games that we associate with the seasons, including Stardew Valley, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Persona 5, and more

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Ep. 12: Grad School Anxiety and Gaming


It’s Resident Evil Village week! After covering some news items, Tab talks about their time with the Steam game Adios and Far Cry 5, and Joey gushes about Arcade Spirits (again) before getting into the weeds about Resident Evil Village. Our primary discussion is on our experience with grad school anxiety and how video games helped us, in some ways, cope with the stress and mental burden of grad school. As we mention on the show, these are our experiences, and while we certainly know that other grad students encounter similar issues, we recognize that our experiences are just that: our own. We’d also like to echo again that, while video games helped us quite a bit with anxiety, we both also benefitted greatly from therapy and other treatments/approaches. We recommend you explore several avenues if you are struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression. Asking for help can be the hardest part, we know, but it was an important first step for us. Having said that, if you’d like to hit us up with questions about grad school or PhD life (we’re both in the English field), hit us up!

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00:02:00: Epic offers Sony $200 million for PlayStation exclusives for the Epic Games Store

00:03:56: Resident Evil Village released, and Mass Effect Legendary Edition releases this week

00:05:07: Sony expects PS5 shortages to continue into 2022 L

00:06:27: Three founding members of the Giant Bomb Bombcast leave

00:07:53: Tab talks about a little indie game called Adios (Steam) and getting back into Far Cry 5

00:13:00: Joey platinums Arcade Spirits because he loves it and, of course, goes on at length about his time with Resident Evil Village


00:30:43: Spoilers end

00:31:30: Brief thoughts on the Mortal Kombat movie

00:37:07: Grad school, anxiety, and gaming: our experiences

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Ep. 11: Resident Evil Retrospective


On this week’s show, a Resident Evil REtrospective! Get it? With the capital RE because… Resident… Evil… Anyway, we are very, very hyped for Resident Evil Village, so Joey tries his damnedest to give a synopsis of the storyline for the entire series to prepare us for the newest game, out this week. How much of it do you need to know in order to play Village? Probably not very much! But that’s okay. Please indulge me. *misty-eyed emoji* Tab talks about Returnal, Joey prematurely attempts to unbox his Mass Effect Legendary Edition Cache, and more!

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00:00:30: Joey noisily, partially unboxes the Mass Effect Legendary Edition Cache

00:03:55: Sony purchases a minority stake in Discord

00:06:18: Capcom Japan’s adorable puppet-themed ad for Resident Evil Village: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-Bq9nV-uHg&t=1s

00:07:42: Tab’s being bankrupted by lions in Planet Zoo and is plugging away at Returnal

00:16:43: [double Bella meow for you]

00:24:00: Joey finishes Fallout: New Vegas, skates through Sakura Succubus, and returns to Arcade Spirits

00:31:18: Joey’s Resident Evil Retrospective, including an overly lengthy series narrative recap!

00:34:32: [Bella purrs. She headbutted the mic at shortly after]

00:50:40: *Rebecca Chambers, not Valentine. COME ON, JOEY, ROOKIE MISTAKE

00:55:30: CLAIRE or Leon. Not Chris or Leon. Sigh

01:14:15: [Three meows from Bella. She sassy today]

01:16:19: [Bonk. Here it is. Bella bonks the mic. I don’t know why I leave this stuff in or add show notes for it. Don’t come at me]

01:21:57: Joey can’t. shut. up. He continues babbling, this time reflecting on his own history with the series that he loves so much

01:23:56: A very angry Bella grumble. She hongry

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