Ep. 19: Simulation Games!


Tab’s back! They talk about where they’ve been, some recent big life news, and what’s next for them. We talk about a few news blurbs, then get into what we’ve been playing (including Phasmophobia and Mario Golf Super Rush) before moving on to a discussion of simulation games. How do we define simulation games? Why are both Stardew Valley and Farming Simulation 21 considered “farming sims” when they’re so drastically different? We touch on questions like these along with some recent sim games we’ve been playing (Civilation VI and PowerWash Simulator) and some of our favorites in the genre.

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00:04:09: Xbox Cloud Gaming now available on Apple devices

00:05:04: RIP River, the model for Fallout 4’s Dogmeat

00:07:00: Housemarque joins PlayStation Studios

00:08:02: Another disappointing Steam Summer Sale

00:13:15: Joey’s been playing Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade and Mario Golf Super Rush, and Civilization VI; Tab’s been playing The Hunter: Call of the Wild and Minecraft, and we’ve both dipped back into Phasmophobia

00:24:30: Movie time! We both recently watched Hatchet, Joey is still working through Persona 5 The Animation and was also smitten with Hermione Corfield in Rust Creek, and Tab’s recently checked out Camp Cold Brook, Cabin Fever 3: Patient Zero, and The Ruins

00:42:23: Simulation games! What are they? What are some of our faves?

01:00:48: The irony of talking about Lawnmower Simulator whilst a lawnmower buzzes away in the background

01:11:27: And the irony of a loud truck chugging along behind Tab as they bring up Truck Driving Simulator

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Ep. 18: Backlog Blues


Tab is off gallivanting, so join Joey and special guest Ron as we discuss backlogs! How did ours start? How have we managed them? Will we ever be free of the endless cycle? No. No, we won’t. But after talking about the news and what we’ve been playing, we walk through some of the most annoying and noteworthy games on our old and storied backlogs. Which of us has yet to play The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess? Is it Joey or Ron who has a bad habit of buying sequels to games that are already on their backlog? Could it be both? Just how many Silent Hill games can you miss before you can stop claiming you “love the series”? And will we be able to recruit Tab to help us finish Left 4 Dead 2? Only time will tell…

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00:01:35: Xbox Design Lab is back, babyyyyy

00:05:50: Cyberpunk 2077 is coming back to the PlayStation Store

00:07:23: Square Enix and Cyber Group Studio are making a Final Fantasy IX animated series

00:11:28: Prime Day and other gaming deals (Joey buys Dragon Quest XI… again)

00:13:51: Ron’s playing Hypnospace Outlaw, Catherine: Full Body, Final Fantasy VII Remake

00:20:13: Joey finishes Mass Effect 3 and, thus, Legendary Edition, plays Resident Evil Village again (duh), and starts Persona 5: The Animation

00:26:15: Backlogs! After going through our backlog origin stories, we talk about some of the most notable or annoying games on our lists

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Ep. 17: E3 Extravaganza!


E3 is finally here! If you’ve listened to the last two episodes, you’ll know that we’ve been super hyped for this year’s showcase and surrounding events. Well, if you could just skip this episode and remember us in the rosy glow of our anticipation, that would be great. Just kidding. Mostly. Okay, okay, so maybe this year’s E3 wasn’t the greatest, and maybe some of the publishers seemed to have forgotten what an E3 showcase looks like, but it wasn’t all a wash. Microsoft and Nintendo had great showings, and there are a metric crap ton of cool looking indie games coming out very soon. We cover a whole lotta games in this episode, so strap in and join Joey, Tab, and Ron as they navigate one of the most uneven and confusing E3s ever!

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00:02:11: Battlefield 2042

00:09:21: Summer Game Fest (Death Stranding, Jurassic World Evolution 2, Elden Ring, etc.)

00:24:34: Guerrilla Collective/Wholesome Games (Lakes, Yokai Inn, Letters, Hot Pot For One, We Are OFK, Hunt for the Night)

00:35:37: Ubisoft Forward (Far Cry 6, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla DLC, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, etc.)

00:45:32: Xbox + Bethesda (Starfield, Halo Infinite, Stalker 2, Sea of Thieves DLC, Microsoft Flight Simulator, The Outer Worlds 2, etc.)

01:05:14: Square Enix (Guardians of the Galaxy, Final Fantasy Pixel Remasters, etc.)

01:11:08: Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

01:15:55: Ron joins Joey and gives his thoughts on some of the above games and more, including eSports Boxing Club, Atomic Heart, Get Packed: Fully Loaded, Skate Bird, and more

01:52:03: Bella is just begging to go out for like a minute straight. I’m not editing it out

01:55:00: Capcom (Resident Evil Village Lady Dimitrescu DLC… eventually)

02:02:25: Nintendo (Metroid Dread, Mario Party Superstars, Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania, Wario Ware: Get it Together!, Breath of the Wild sequel, and more)

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Ep. 16: E3 Predictions and Pie


*chanting* E3! E3! E3! Okay, so some people are saying that this E3 is going to be “subdued” or “lackluster.” For us, we like to go into every E3 with the ol’ adage, “Expect the worst, hope for the best.” And we have some hopes for this E3, rumors be damned. Where’s Skull and Bones? Will we see a new Tomb Raider? How much of Breath of the Wild will Nintendo show? How many times can Joey say “pie in the sky” before you want to put a “knife in his eye”? Will Tab be drooling over State of Decay 3 footage? Will Joey finally, finally, finally get to play Mother 3? Join us next week to hear us cry over how many of these hopes and dreams were shattered, with special guest Ron!

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00:01:07: Joey’s still playing (and loving) Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Resident Evil Village, and Everybody’s Golf

00:03:04: Tab’s playing Who We Are Now, a romance/erotic indie visual novel, and Everybody’s Golf

00:06:25: E3 schedule pulled from a tweet by Saniya (@saniyaga)

00:07:30: Guerrilla Collective and Wholesome Direct (Campo Santo, ConcernedApe, Goodbye Volcano High, more dating sims, etc.)

00:12:12: Ubisoft Forward (The Division 3, new Assassin’s Creed, Splinter Cell refresh? Fingers crossed for Skull and Bones)

00:19:25: Xbox and Bethesda (Halo Infinite, Starfield, State of Decay 3. Elder Scrolls trailer? New Minecraft? Fingers crossed for Fable, Perfect Dark)

00:29:09: Say “pie in the sky” one more time *Samuel L. Jackson meme*

00:31:33: Square Enix (Life is Strange: New Colors. New Tomb Raider? Fingers crossed for Final Fantasy XVI. Far flung hopes: new Parasite Eve, HD-2D Final Fantasy games, anything Chrono Trigger related)

00:41:03: Warner Bros. (who knows, besides Back 4 Blood? Fingers crossed for more Suicide Squad and Gotham Knights. Far flung hope: Wonder Woman game)

00:42:42: Take-Two (Red Dead Redemption remaster/remake? Grand Theft Auto 6 tease? Far flung hope: Bully 2)

00:48:37: Capcom (Resident Evil Village DLC? Street Fighter VI? Fingers crossed for Resident Evil Re-Remake, or RE 4 remake)

00:52:15: Nintendo (Breath of the Wild 2? Bayonetta 3? Splatoon 3? Metroid? New Smash fighter hype. Fingers crossed for new Fire Emblem. Far flung hopes: Mother 3! Or EarthBound anything. Eternal Darkness revival)

01:03:41: Bandai Namco (Elden Ring? Far flung hopes: Tales of Destiny 1 and 2 remasters, Ace Combat 8)

01:05:45: Sony, whenever it happens (Horizon release date? God of War footage? Fingers crossed for new Uncharted and PS VR 2 full reveal)

01:11:05: Sega (New Sonic game reveal? Judgement sequel? Fingers crossed for Persona 6. Far flung hope: Persona 3 remake/remaster)

01:14:00 : EA/BioWare (Dragon Age or Mass Effect teasers? Far flung hope: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic remake)

01:16:24: Will we see anything from CD Projekt Red?

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Ep. 15: Early E3? and a Couple o’ Indies


With all of the big announcements and gameplay trailers released this week, it sure does feel like E3’s come early, eh? We talk about Techland’s Dying Light 2 gameplay trailer, Sony’s Horizon Forbidden West State of Play, Dragon Quest’s 35th Anniversary live stream, and Ubisoft’s Far Cry 6 gameplay reveal. We also talk about what we’ve been playing, including going in-depth on two little indie gems we’ve recently uncovered (A Mortician’s Tale and Knife Sisters). Join us next week for some fun E3 predictions, and hit us up with what games you hope to see at the big show(s)!

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00:03:24: Dying Light 2 gameplay trailer

00:12:55: Sony’s State of Play on Horizon Forbidden West

00:24:02: Dragon Quest 35th Anniversary stream (DQ XII, DQ Treasures, DQ X update and offline version, DQ Keshikeshi, DQ III HD-2D Remake)

00:32:00: Far Cry 6 gameplay reveal trailer

00:49:30: Joey’s been playing more Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2, plus even more Resident Evil Village

00:52:24: Tab and Joey and co. have gotten back into Everybody’s Golf

00:56:20: Tab talks about the game Knife Sisters (2019, PC)

01:11:11: Joey talk about the short and sweet(?) A Mortician’s Tale (2017, PC/iOS/Mac)

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