Ep. 10: Discussing Our Dissertations


On this week’s show, we talk (maybe too long) about Sony and Microsoft’s recent financial reports, lament being too poor to “buy games when they’re new if you like them,” chat about what we’ve been playing (the Resident Evil Village Castle demo *drool*, Tender, Planet Zoo, Fallout: New Vegas), and we discuss each of our respective dissertations (see show notes for titles).

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00:00:21: Boom. Bella purrs, right off the bat

00:02:25: Sony and Microsoft’s respective financial reports

00:13:33: PlayStation Plus’s May games and overall offerings

00:16:43: [Mreow]

00:17:10: Super Mario Party gets online play

00:20:00: Cyberpunk 2077 gets a new patch and Tab is hopeful

00:22:22: Mortal Kombaaaaaaaaaat is released. We want to see it

00:26:32: The “you should buy games at full price if you like them” debacle

00:30:58: Joey plays the Resident Evil Village Castle demo and some Fallout: New Vegas

00:35:39: We both play a lil indie game called Tender (iOS)

00:44:27: Tab’s still investing time in Planet Zoo

00:51:30: A brief/general overview of “the dissertation”

00:58:00: Tab’s dissertation: “Moderation as Resistance: A Study of Aggression and Response on Twitch.tv”

01:19:00: Joey’s dissertation: “Soft Power-Up: Japanese Video Games as Cultural and Rhetorical Exports”

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Ep. 9: Emotionally Evocative Games


This week: the latest Resident Evil showcase, Emily is Away <3, and games that have evoked strong emotions from us, many involving tears. :*( We touch on Gone Home, This War of Mine, What Remains of Edith Finch, The Last of Us, and more! As an aside, I’m sorry about all of the motorcycle sounds. I live just a block away from at least two biker bars and it’s very hard to edit out those sounds when they happen when I’m also talking. Don’t judge me! I’m still learning! *misty-eyed emoji*

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00:02:45: Resident Evil Showcase #2

00:03:26: Vrooooom (sorry, it’s hard to edit out car sounds when I’m talking)

00:18:00: Sony reverses decision to take down PS3/PSP/PS Vita stores

00:19:19: Discord no longer seeking acquisition from Microsoft

00:20:18: Jeff Kaplan leaves Blizzard

00:21:56: Tab’s been playing some Zoo Tyc- whoops, Planet Zoo, Emily is Away ❤

00:24:32: Joey’s been playing: Resident Evil Village Demo, Emily is Away <3, Pistol Whip, Arizona Sunshine, other VR games, the PS3 CPU/GPU thermal paste replacement game

00:32:54: Emily is Away ❤

00:56:56: Video Gamie and the Infinite Sadness (that was terrible. We basically talk about crying and other strong emotive responses to video games)

01:01:09: 😉

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Ep. 8: Dr. Regina McMenomy’s Gamer Types


Hey, friends! This week we take a look at Dr. Regina McMenomy’s work on identity in RPGs (and other games, too). We share her proposed gamer types, talk about which categories we think we fall in, and discuss the potential impact of representation on people’s tendency toward each type. We also cover some news, including Sony’s new investment in Epic Games and the latest Nintendo Indie Showcase, and talk about what we’ve been playing.

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00:05:33: Sony invests more $$$ in Epic Games, gets an Aloy skin in Fortnite

00:11:18: The Forgotten City announced for a summer release

00:14:58: The latest Nintendo Indie Showcase (Shredder’s Revenge, Road 96, Oxenfree II)

00:20:38: Tab’s tending to some baby animals in Planet Zoo

00:27:52: Joey’s rambling out west in Fallout: New Vegas

00:36:40: Dr. Regina McMenomy’s work on identity in RPGs and our best guesses for our own gamer types

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Ep. 7: Animal Companions in Games


On this week’s episode, we discuss new rumors of a Sega acquisition, the return of E3, and Lady Dimitrescu (*heart eye emoji*). In our main segment we talk about animal companions. What makes an animal a companion? Do they have to accompany you on your journey? Do they have to have a personality? We get into these questions and more, and share some of our favorite furry friends. Like, animal companions. Not friends that are furries. We have nothing against furries. I mean, we all have a thing for Fran from Final Fantasy XII, don’t we? What am I even talking about now?

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00:01:30: Renewed rumors about a Sega acquisition

00:12:45: E3 returns virtually this June

00:14:35: via IGN, Resident Evil Village’s art director, Tomonori Takano, talks about inspirations for Lady Dimitrescu. Joey drools. Tab shakes their head disapprovingly

00:15:30: [woof woof]

00:18:22: Tab’s playing some Red Dead Redemption 2, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and Medieval Dynasty

00:24:29: Joey finishes Life is Strange 2 and finally starts playing Fallout New Vegas

00:31:00: “Pixelated puppies and other pals,” as Tab puts it

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Ep. 6: Make These Games, Dammit!


On this week’s episode, we pitch games we want to see made in a segment we call Make These Games, Dammit! Tab proposes a camping/fishing/hiking nature sim with a card-based gear system, and Joey shares his concept for a terrifying new A Nightmare on Elm Street game. Do you have a bunch of money and want to make our games a reality or just want to give me a bunch of money for no reason? Hit us up at prettypixelspodcast@gmail.com.

Joey’s on Twitter: @Losperman

00:02:22: Brief news notes (Doom 3 VR, RIP Mario, RIP PS3/Vita PS Store, Witcher 3 next gen upgrade, Ghost of Tsushima movie)

00:10:00: Tab gets wrecked by bears in Read Dead Redemption 2

00:10:21: Kitty purrs [ongoing]

00:17:15: Joey finishes the platinum for P5 Strikers and plays Layers of Fear and Life is Strange 2

00:20:11: Make These Games, Dammit! Featuring:

00:21:20: Tab’s nature/camping/fishing/hiking card-based sim, Untitled Project

00:29:55: More kitty purrs

00:43:26: Joey’s A Nightmare on Elm Street adventure/horror game, based on the popular film series

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