Ep. 28: Video Game Food


Tab’s back to talk with Joey about food in games! We talk about the delicious sushi in Persona 5, the exquisite sushi in Yakuza 0, the mouth watering sushi in Joey’s stomach because as soon as he was done recording this episode he put in an order for carry-out sushi from his favorite local place. Mmm. Sushi. We talk about the impact on atmosphere and world-building that food in games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Final Fantasy XV makes, and more broadly how games like these make us want coffee, curry, or whatever damn delicious thing is on our screen. Tab also talks about their seemingly never-ending quest to get an Xbox Series X, and we touch on news stories like Dr. Lupo’s leap to YouTube, the new Saints Row game, Steam’s dumb refund policy hurting game developers, and a few bits and bobs from Gamescom 2021. Thanks so much for listening, and we’ll catch you next week!

Contact us: prettypixelspodcast@gmail.com

We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @randommox (Tab)

00:06:44: Xbox releases beautiful new controller (Aqua Shift)

00:08:42: Emika Games, developer of Summer of ’58, gets screwed by Steam’s 2-hour refund rule

00:11:03: Gamescom bits: April O’Neil in Shredder’s Revenge, Morgana in Monkey Ball, Halo and Horizon get release dates, new Saints Row game

00:14:40: Dr. Lupo makes a Dr. Leapo exclusively over to YouTube Gaming

00:26:13: Joey finally finishes Persona 5 Royal (again), still rockin’ with Microsoft Flight Simulator

00:32:54: Slap on a bib and grab a fork, we’re talking about food in games!

Theme song by lovers.tiff: loverstiff.bandcamp.com

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