Ep. 11: Resident Evil Retrospective


On this week’s show, a Resident Evil REtrospective! Get it? With the capital RE because… Resident… Evil… Anyway, we are very, very hyped for Resident Evil Village, so Joey tries his damnedest to give a synopsis of the storyline for the entire series to prepare us for the newest game, out this week. How much of it do you need to know in order to play Village? Probably not very much! But that’s okay. Please indulge me. *misty-eyed emoji* Tab talks about Returnal, Joey prematurely attempts to unbox his Mass Effect Legendary Edition Cache, and more!

Contact us: prettypixelspodcast@gmail.com

Joey’s on Twitter: @Losperman

00:00:30: Joey noisily, partially unboxes the Mass Effect Legendary Edition Cache

00:03:55: Sony purchases a minority stake in Discord

00:06:18: Capcom Japan’s adorable puppet-themed ad for Resident Evil Village: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-Bq9nV-uHg&t=1s

00:07:42: Tab’s being bankrupted by lions in Planet Zoo and is plugging away at Returnal

00:16:43: [double Bella meow for you]

00:24:00: Joey finishes Fallout: New Vegas, skates through Sakura Succubus, and returns to Arcade Spirits

00:31:18: Joey’s Resident Evil Retrospective, including an overly lengthy series narrative recap!

00:34:32: [Bella purrs. She headbutted the mic at shortly after]

00:50:40: *Rebecca Chambers, not Valentine. COME ON, JOEY, ROOKIE MISTAKE

00:55:30: CLAIRE or Leon. Not Chris or Leon. Sigh

01:14:15: [Three meows from Bella. She sassy today]

01:16:19: [Bonk. Here it is. Bella bonks the mic. I don’t know why I leave this stuff in or add show notes for it. Don’t come at me]

01:21:57: Joey can’t. shut. up. He continues babbling, this time reflecting on his own history with the series that he loves so much

01:23:56: A very angry Bella grumble. She hongry

Theme song by lovers.tiff: loverstiff.bandcamp.com

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