State of Play and Summer Game Fest

E3 season is upon us, even if the show itself is once again missing in action. In its absence, we propose claiming the term “E3” as a broad term meaning “big summer announcement season.” After this year’s Summer Game Fest, we need something… more exciting, and “E3” still sparks excitement in many of us. So… happy E3, everyone! Does that work? We’ll workshop it. Paul, Ron, and Joey talk about what they’ve been playing, but then a dramatic text rips Ron away from us (cue dramatic reality TV cut and tense music), leaving Paul and Joey to chat about Sony’s State of Play and the Summer Game Fest showcase. Resident Evil 4, Final Fantasy XVI, Lady D, The Rock, The Last of Us, and so much more. We also chat about what we’ve been playing, including No Man’s Sky and Elden Ring. Next week is our Pretty Pixels After Dark, celebrating episode 69, so join us for lots of painfully awkward sex talk!

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We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @bigbadron (Ron)

00:07:05: Ron’s been chipping away at GTA: San Andreas and eatin’ grits

00:11:45: Paul is nearing endgame in Elden Ring

00:22:00: Joey loved Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers, has mixed feelings about his return to No Man’s Sky

00:40:49: This is where Ron leaves, but he stopped his recording so there is a bit of an odd cut here

00: Sony State of Play!

00:47:25: Resident Evil

00:54:55: PSVR 2

01:02:09: Stray

01:06:09: Dead Spa- uh, The Callisto Protocol

01:09:46: Rollerdrome

01:12:20: Eternights

01:15:01: Street Fighter VI

01:23:20: Tunic and Season: A Letter to the Future

01:25:27: Final Fantasy XVI

01:32:42: Summer Game Fest! We begin with broad thoughts, then kind of jump around a bit. We don’t dwell on very many titles as we did with the State of Play

Theme song by lovers.tiff:

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