Summer Playlists

The whole damn Pixels crew is here, ready to talk about our summer playlists! Tab, Paul, Ron, and Joey talk about the games they’re excited to play this summer. We’re talking upcoming games like Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers, but also plenty of games we’re catching up on or revisiting, like Max Payne and Far Cry. We also touch on some movies, shows, and books we’re hoping to dive into, including lots of anime. Sailor Moon! Studio Ghibli! We have a lot to catch up on. What’s on your summer playlist? Email us and we’ll read it on the show! We also talk about Activision Blizzard’s diversity tool, the shocking (?) Starfield delay, the first batch of PlayStation Plus Premium games announced, and a little about Warner Bros.’ new MultiVersus game trailer. And, of course, we get into what we’ve been playing (hint: it’s a lot of Elden Ring).

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We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @randommox (Tab) and @bigbadron (Ron)

00:02:16: Activision Blizzard’s new diversity tool seems well-intentioned but problematic (

00:05:57: Starfield delayed to 2023; Paul weeps for his draft list

00:10:27: Sony releases a partial game list for its upcoming PlayStation Plus expanded tiers (

00:21:07: Brief discussion about the new MultiVersus trailer (

00:26:12: Tab’s been making their way through the Far Cry games and pushing through Elden Ring

00:26:59: Joey’s finished (platinum, babyyyy) Elden Ring and is in love with Ranni the Witch

00:35:35: Paul’s been breaking thrones in Thronebreaker and being all social and stuff with board games like Hues and Cues and Telestrations

00:42:27: Ron’s kicking it old school, revisiting Duke Nukem 3D and Max Payne 3

00:49:10: Joey’s also been playing some Animal Crossing New Horizons again

00:52:03: Summer playlists! We start with some of the games we’re planning on playing this summer, then blitz through some movies, shows, and books at the end

Theme song by lovers.tiff:

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