Video Game 20 Questions Round III

We’ll figure out another original game soon, but until then we’re back on our 20 questions bullshit. Paul, Ron, and Joey grill each other to try and guess three fairly well-known games. Will they succeed? Will you? Play along and let us know how you do! You can also send us games to use the next time we play, or ideas for other games you think would be fun. We welcome any and all ideas! If they’re bad, we’ll just pretend they accidentally got sent to our junk folder! We also chat a bit about the Square Enix sale of multiple studios and IPs, our hype levels for Summer Game Fest, Clippy invading Halo Infinite, Switch Sports, Chrono Cross, GTA Online, old SNES game show games, and Elden Ring. Thanks for listening! We don’t say this nearly enough but we love you and we’re so grateful that you hang out with us every week. See you next time!

Contact us:

We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @bigbadron (Ron)

00:02:37: Square Enix sells off most Western studios and associated IP

00:16:09: Summer Game Fest is arriving June 9

00:25:50: 343 is adding Clippy to Halo Infinite. Truly, the ultimate crossover event

00:31:00: Paul’s been loving up on Elden Ring and his new Dark Plates for PS5

00:40:20: Ron’s been playing a bunch of SNES game show games, Overcooked, and Switch Sports with Joey

00:55:35: Joey platinumed Chrono Cross! He also finally started Elden Ring!

01:14:37: Video Game 20 Questions!

01:15:55: Game 1 (Joey)

01:40:59: Game 2 (Paul)

02:15:15: Game 3 (Ron)

Theme song by lovers.tiff:

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