Indie Swap Part II

Do The Indie Swap! *breaks into an old-timey 1960s style beach blanket bingo dance* I’m sorry for that. That was, as the kids say, cringe. This week we report on the indie games we swapped on last week’s episode! Joey’s talking about Ridiculous Glitching, Paul’s talking about Art Sqool, and Ron’s talking about Who Stole My Lunch! They all turned out to be great games and we had a lot of fun playing and chatting about them. Check them out at the links below! We also chat a little about what to expect from upcoming episodes, a 4K restoration of the 1986 Super Mario Bros. anime (link below), Elden Ring, Chrono Cross, more GTA Online shenanigans, and more! After more than a year it really feels like we’re starting to hit a groove. Next week we’re watching the Super Mario Bros. movie! You can find an extended version on the Internet Arcade ( or purchase a DVD copy from Amazon (currently $3.99) and watch along with us! Send us questions and comments and we’d be excited to read them on the show. Thanks for listening!

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We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @bigbadron (Ron)

00:08:48: Future segment idea: Pretty Pixels After Dark?

00:10:37: FemboyFilms ( has restored the 1986 Super Mario Bros. anime and it looks awesome: (via IGN:

00:14:00: Ron’s been pinballing it up and is determined to get the third highest score ever in a game called Ice Cold Beer

00:27:20: Paul’s been absolutely crushing it in Elden Ring

00:40:35: Joey is on playthrough number two of Chrono Cross

00:50:30: The whole gang has been pulling off heists with flair and fashion in GTA Online

01:00:18: Indie Swap!

01:04:30: Ridiculous Glitching: 

01:23:17: Art Sqool: 

01:45:13: Someone Stole My Lunch!:

“Commercial” provided by: 

Theme song by lovers.tiff:

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