Video Game Twenty Questions Round 2

Do players dream of electric games? That’s one of the questions we ponder this week, though with less convoluted language and a lack of allusion to a classic science fiction novel. It’s… it’s just “do we ever dream of video games when we’ve played them a bunch.” That’s what I was… trying to… Anyway, we’re playing Video Game Twenty Questions again! We had some real nail-biters last time, so will we continue our streak and emerge victorious once again? Play along and let us know how dumb we are! There was a lot of interesting news this week, too, so we talk about Rockstar’s new GTA Online subscription, Breath of the Wild 2’s delay, E3’s cancelation, the new PlayStation Plus tiers, and much more. It’s a pretty jam-packed episode!

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We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @bigbadron (Ron)

00:02:54: Rockstar announces “GTA Plus” subscription service

00:04:20: Breath of the Wild 2 is delayed to 2023

00:10:36: E3 is cancelled

00:13:38: Sony finally unveils its upcoming PlayStation Plus subscription tiers

00:32:59: Judge approves Activision Blizzard harassment settlement

00:35:22: Joey’s still summoning his Persona in Persona Q and Arena Ultimax, plus he’s building Wayne Manor in Minecraft

00:36:15: Do we dream of games when we’ve played them a bunch?

00:41:17: Paul’s been hitting that Halo grind and is nearing the end of Cyberpunk 2077’s story

00:45:15: Ron’s also been Haloing just a bit

00:47:22: Video game twenty questions!

00:50:30: Game 1

01:11:11: Game 2

01:33:47: Game 3

01:47: Bella starts purring around here, so that lasts several minutes and I couldn’t bear to edit it out

Theme song by lovers.tiff:

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