Street Fighter (1994)

Pop some corn and grab a Bison Brand Soda™ for our conversation about the 1994 hit movie Street Fighter! “Hit movie?” I hear you ask, snide derision coloring your tone as you scrunch your nose at the notion. But, as we discuss in the episode, this movie made $100 million globally! And what a wild ride it is. Ming-Na Wen kicks some serious ass, Raul Julia chews some scenery, Jean-Claude Van Damme is on a ton of cocaine, and Kylie Minogue is a cutie patootie. There was so much to unpack with this movie, but we walked away with a greater appreciation for it than we’d expected to. We also announce the winner of our Hitman 3 giveaway, talk about The Batman for quite a bit, and Joey has a poop story you didn’t ask for and probably don’t want to hear!

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We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @bigbadron (Ron)

00:01:45: Hitman 3 giveaway winner! Congrats, Jeff!

00:05:15: Sony acquires Jade Raymond’s Haven Studios

00:08:23: CD Projekt Red announced a new installment in The Witcher series of games

00:19:00: Joey’s gross poop story

00:28:00: The Batman discussion [spoilers start now]

00:41:40: [End The Batman spoilers]

00:41:44: Paul’s still punking it up in Night City

00:46:55: Ron hasn’t been up to much

00:48:57: Joey finally finished Find Love or Die Trying and is continuing to plug away at Persona Q; he also started Persona 4 Arena ULTIMAX and has joined Tab in returning to Minecraft

00:56:10: Street Fighter (1994)! Our discussion is all over the place so timestamps seem… useless!

01:28:10: The Washington Post article:

01:53:25: Ming-Na Wen on Conan:

Theme song by lovers.tiff:

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