Horizon Forbidden West Fest


It’s our first big giveaway, babyyyyyy! Should we be as excited to give away a code as we are? I can’t answer that. The fact remains that we are, in fact, very excited. We’re usually the gamers trying to win codes, not the ones giving them away! But here we are, with a shiny new download code for Horizon Forbidden West (PS5/PS4), ready to send it along to a listener. We cover how you can enter in the episode, but don’t worry: you don’t have to like and subscribe and smash any bells. We would appreciate those things (well, except the bells – there are no bells here), but our goal with this giveaway is for it to be easy and equitable. And to share a game we love, which we talk all about in this episode! Talking points include faces, fun robo dino stuff, air, and much more. It’s more interesting than it sounds! We also briefly chat about the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet announcement and more!

Contact us: prettypixelspodcast@gmail.com

We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @bigbadron (Ron)

00:06:00: Horizon Forbidden West code giveaway details

00:08:30: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are announced for later this year

00:14:37: Joey finally gets his sparkly purple armor in Halo Infinite

00:17:04: Horizon Forbidden West!

01:08:36: Slight spoiler about a side quest

01:10:08: End slight spoiler

Theme song by lovers.tiff: loverstiff.bandcamp.com

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