Who Knew That Review? Third Strike


It’s Who Knew That Review time, babyyyyyyy! Joey, Ron, and Paul team up once again to play one of our favorite games. As a reminder, Who Knew That Review is a game where we try to guess games based on their reviews. Each host will read a review from an old magazine or website, like EGM, GamePro, Nintendo Power, etc., and omit key words and phrases like developer, publisher, character names, locations, etc. We want you, the listener, to play along, so we hold our final guesses until the entire review has been read. We also announce a new game giveaway! Next week, Tab and Joey will be discussing Horizon Forbidden West at length, and to celebrate its release and our recent one-year anniversary, we’re giving away a code to the digital version of the game. Listen next week for details on how to potentially score the code, and we’ll have another giveaway soon! We also chat a bit about Street Fighter 6, Dragon Age, and what we’ve been playing!

Contact us: prettypixelspodcast@gmail.com

We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @bigbadron (Ron)

00:02:46: Horizon Forbidden West giveaway announcement!

00:06:19: Capcom’s countdown was for Street Fighter 6, but they’re also releasing The Capcom Fighting Collection this summer

00:13:45: BioWare says in a blog post that they are “right in the middle of the Production phase” on the next Dragon Age game

00:17:55: Paul has been cybering it up in Cyberpunk 2077… and shaking with excitement over the upcoming Elden Ring

00:27:10: Ron’s been playing “internet issues xtreme” and Haloing it up with the gang

00:32:18: Joey’s been playing Horizon Forbidden West and gives his brief thoughts on the Uncharted movie

00:36:17: Who Knew That Review!

00:38:54: Paul’s Game 1

00:45:49: Ron’s Game 1

00:54:15: Joey’s Game 1

01:06:34: Paul’s Game 2

01:20:15: Ron’s Game 2

01:32:05: Joey’s Game 2

Theme song by lovers.tiff: loverstiff.bandcamp.com

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