Video Game Twenty Questions

Happy New Year! We’re saying farewell to another terrible year with a not-terrible game of Video Game Twenty Questions, inspired by the fine folks over at the IGN Gamescoop! podcast. Joey, Paul, and Ron each submit a game for the others to tease out by asking questions about genre, release date, perspective, and more. What games, you ask? And how did we do? Hey, we’re the ones asking questions here! You’ll just have to listen and play along to find out! Do you have a game recommendation? Send it in (! Go easy on us, though, and try and pick well-know, mainstream titles for now. We’re not quite ready to tackle trickier, more obscure games. We also chat about an impressive win streak in Halo Infinite, the $100 million settlement in the Riot Games gender discrimination lawsuit, a new poll that reveals Japanese gamers’ top 100 games of all time, and what we’ve (still) been playing. Have a safe and fun New Years, and we’ll see you in 2022!

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We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @bigbadron (Ron)

 00:02:20: Halo Infinite Player (Remy “Mint Blitz) Wins 100 Free-For-All Matches in a Row (via Kotaku)

00:04:33: Riot Games to Pay $100M in Gender Discrimination Lawsuit (via Polygon)

00:09:50: 50,000 Japanese TV Viewers Rank 100 Best Video Games of All Time (via Kotaku)

00:18:54: Ron is still living his best San Andreas life in GTA: San Andreas

00:23:21: Joey’s been chipping away at the Halo Infinite campaign and Metroid Samus Returns

00:25:07: Paul beat Demon’s Souls! There is also some talk of shit fountains!

00:32:49: Get a free month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate if you buy select bags of Trolli™ brand gummy candies. This is not an #ad but Trolli™ please send us candy anyway

00:35:00: Video Game Twenty Questions!

00:38:19: Game 1

00:51:26: Game 2

01:15:26: Game 3

01:30:19: Kitty purrs (which mess up my audio temporarily)

Theme song by lovers.tiff:

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