Ep. The Game Awards Predictions


It’s almost time for The Game Awards (December 9, 6pm CST) and we (Joey, Tab, Ron, and Paul) thought it might be fun to make some predictions! We’re not fancy, shmancy video game journalists, so we don’t have extensive experience with most of the games nominated. But we DO have opinions based on sometimes nothing more than a small picture uploaded to The Game Awards’ web site or the existence of a particular musical instrument in a game! Join us as we discuss every category, making predictions and talking occasionally about who we actually want to win these things. We’re a little critical of The Game Awards, but we do hope that game developers are actually honored by the awards they are nominated for and that these awards get better in terms of highlighting and awarding important games and voices. Check back with us after the awards to find out how we did, and if you want to send us your own predictions, you know where to reach us! We also continue to collectively shake our heads at Bobby Kotick’s BS, talk about what Harmonix might bring to Fortnite now that they’ve joined Epic, and what we’ve been playing!

Contact us: prettypixelspodcast@gmail.com

We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey), @RandomMox (Tab), and @bigbadron (Ron)

00:02:42: Bobby Kotick drafted the infamous Fran Townsend email, then turned around and agreed with criticism of it and let her take the fall (via The Wall Street Journal and Kotaku). The audacity

00:10:04: Harmonix joins Epic Games, will make content for Fortnite

00:15:48: Tab and the gang are still mostly enjoying Back 4 Blood, plus we’ve been dipping our toes in the Halo Infinite multiplayer

00:23:39: Ron’s finishing up collectables in GTA III and he and Joey have delved into Radiohead’s Kid A Mnesiac Exhibition

00:32:26: Paul’s still blasting his way through Far Cry 6 and gettin’ stars in Mario Party Superstars

00:43:35: Joey’s been raising some dino babies in Jurassic World Evolution 2

00:45:10: The Game Awards predictions! Time stamps for individual categories and the points we’re awarding are:

01:00:43: Best eSports Event (1 point)

01:04:20: Best eSports Coach (1 point)

01:05:54: Best eSports Team (1 point)

01:07:29: Best eSports Athlete (1 point)

01:09:35: Best eSports Game (1 point)

01:11:40: Most Anticipated Game (1 point)

01:15:00: Best Debut Indie

01:16:55: Content Creator of the Year (1 point)

01:18:52: Best Multiplayer (2 points)

01:20:48: Best Sports/Racing (2 points)

01:22:48: Best Sim/Strategy (2 points)

01:26:39: Best Family (2 points)

01:30:16: Best Fighting (2 points)

01:33:09: Best Role Playing (2 points)

01:36:12: Best Action/Adventure (2 points)

01:39:03: Best Action Game (2 points)

01:43:05: Best VR/AR (2 points)

01:45:09: Innovation in Accessibility (2 points)

01:47:58: Best Community Support (1 point)

01:50:46: Best Mobile Game (1 point)

01:51:50: Best Indie (2 points)

01:58:25: Best Ongoing (2 points)

02:00:01: Games for Impact (2 points)

02:02:50: Best Performance (2 points)

02:06:07: Best Audio Design (2 points)

02:07:33: Best Score and Music (3 points)

02:10:38: Best Art Direction (3 points)

02:13:06: Best Narrative (3 points)

02:14:48: Best Game Direction (3 points)

02:18:11: Game of the Year (4 points)

Theme song by lovers.tiff: loverstiff.bandcamp.com

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