Ep. 39: The Wizard (1989)


Now listen up, fruit flies! For the first time ever, we have all four videoheads (all of this rad 90s lingo will make sense by the end of the episode, I promise) together at last! We just couldn’t resist the siren’s call of The Wizard (1989), starring Fred Savage, Jenny Lewis, Luke Edwards, Beau Bridges, and Christian Slater. Maybe you’ve heard of it? It has 97 NES games and a Power Glove that’s – you guessed it – so bad. As we did with the Uwe Boll movies, we talk about themes, favorite lines, 80s fashion choices, one of the pirates from Pirates of the Caribbean, Spider-Man’s mullet, and so much more. If you’ve never seen The Wizard and are down to join in on our exploration of Nintendo’s most successful movie featuring a Super Mario Bros. game, you can stream it on Hulu Premium (Starz), rent it from Amazon or YouTube for $3.99, or buy it on Blu-Ray from Shout Factory’s web site (https://www.shoutfactory.com/product/the-wizard-collector-s-edition?product_id=7300). Let us know what we missed by emailing us! Movie aside, we chat about Back 4 Blood, the GTA Trilogy, Far Cry 6 DLC, Mario Party Superstars, Metroid Dread, Jurassic World Evolution 2, the newest Activision/Blizzard allegations and non-apologies, the new Halo’s multiplayer mode and show trailer dropping, Xbox’s social media manager dropping the Xbox Twitter account (off the face of the Earth… for a bit), and the adorable new trailer for Little Kitty, Big City. Did you catch all that? I know! It’s a lot. So grab your Power Glove, press some buttons pointlessly, and let’s get to it!

Contact us: prettypixelspodcast@gmail.com

We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey), @RandomMox (Tab), and @bigbadron (Ron)

00:02:07: The Xbox Twitter account disappears completely

00:03:18: Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode drops early (and free)

00:07:56: A brief teaser for the new Halo drops, coming in 2022

00:10:06: Little Kitty, Big City is announced with an adorably cheeky trailer, coming to PC and consoles in 2022

00:11:43: *sigh* Ah, shit. Here we go again. New allegations of mismanagement and attempts to play down previously revealed sexual assault and harassment claims are revealed by The Wall Street Journal, naming CEO Bobby Kotick, specifically. Kotick and co. do not respond very well

00:18:49: Paul’s been playing Far Cry 6 and Mario Party Superstars (w/ Joey and pals)

00:24:27: Ron’s been glitching it up in the newly remastered GTA 3

00:32:41: Tab’s been exploring the mind of Vaas in the new Far Cry 6 DLC

00:38:51: Joey finished Metroid Dread and is currently loving Jurassic World Evolution 2

00:47:14: The whole gang has been playing Back 4 Blood

00:56:05: The Wizard, babyyyyyyy!

Theme song by lovers.tiff: loverstiff.bandcamp.com

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