Ep. 33: Chrono Trigger


Joey is flying solo this week, so what game does he feel he… why am I speaking in third person? Hi. It’s me. Joey. It’s just you and me this week, babyyyy. When faced with the unorthodox idea of recording an entire episode by myself, of course I wanted to chat about my favorite game of all time: Chrono Trigger. I love the game, of course, but my love for it goes deeper than just my deep appreciation for the gameplay, story, music, and other components. Chrono Trigger made me fall in love with video games. It made me think about how much games meant to me, how I wanted to write them, how immersed I could get in these pixelized worlds. It’s a game that I still love today, every single time I play it. I get misty-eyed when I play it if I haven’t played it in a while. It will never lose its luster for me. I hope I don’t annoy you too much with my ramblings, and feel free to send in your thoughts on Chrono Trigger! Thanks for hanging out with me for a bit, friend.

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00:03:20: Sora finally comes to Smash!

00:08:36: Kingdom Hearts games coming to Nintendo Switch

00:11:57: Joey’s final thoughts on Deathloop

00:16:49: And he’s finally, finally, finally started Super Metroid

00:23:33: Chrono Trigger! There’s not much structure to be found here. I ramble about my favorite characters, the music, some key memories, why I named Marle “Gwen,” and more

00:58:10: Begin kitty purrs

Theme song by lovers.tiff: loverstiff.bandcamp.com

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