Ep. 21: Nostalgia, Final Fantasy VII, and the Dick Chariot


Guess who’s back? Back again? Ron is back. Tell a friend. Seriously, tell a friend about us if you think they’d dig yet another video game podcast where people just sit around and talk about games. Wait, I’m not selling this very well. Anyway, this week Ron joins Joey for a discussion about nostalgia and gaming. We touch on some fun news first, like this fall’s Smash-like, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl and Atlus’s plans for Persona’s 25th anniversary, then Joey talks about finishing Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: Episode INTERmission and playing Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! Our discussion of nostalgia centers on our shared history with Final Fantasy VII, but we also hit up Grand Theft Auto III, Chrono Trigger, and nostalgia in general. Have questions or suggestion? Send us an email or hit us up on Twitter! We are very lonely. Please. Please, someone. Email. Now. L

Contact us: prettypixelspodcast@gmail.com

We’re on Twitter: @Losperman (Joey) and @bigbadron (Ron)

00:01:38: Skyward Sword HD releases this week

00:02:39: Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, coming fall 2021

00:11:05: Atlus has a “year of Persona events and more” for the series’ 25th anniversary

00:20:37: Joey’s finished Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade: Episode INTERmission

00:25:12: Joey gets into some slight, vague spoilers for Doki Doki Literature Club [Skip if you have any interest in playing the game at all!]

00:31:13: Nostalgia: we walk through our memories of the original Final Fantasy VII, how Final Fantasy VII Remake tickled our nostalgia, and explore how other games (like Chrono Trigger and GTA III have or haven’t had similar effects)

Theme song by lovers.tiff: loverstiff.bandcamp.com

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