Ep. 9: Emotionally Evocative Games


This week: the latest Resident Evil showcase, Emily is Away <3, and games that have evoked strong emotions from us, many involving tears. :*( We touch on Gone Home, This War of Mine, What Remains of Edith Finch, The Last of Us, and more! As an aside, I’m sorry about all of the motorcycle sounds. I live just a block away from at least two biker bars and it’s very hard to edit out those sounds when they happen when I’m also talking. Don’t judge me! I’m still learning! *misty-eyed emoji*

Contact us: prettypixelspodcast@gmail.com

Joey’s on Twitter: @Losperman

00:02:45: Resident Evil Showcase #2

00:03:26: Vrooooom (sorry, it’s hard to edit out car sounds when I’m talking)

00:18:00: Sony reverses decision to take down PS3/PSP/PS Vita stores

00:19:19: Discord no longer seeking acquisition from Microsoft

00:20:18: Jeff Kaplan leaves Blizzard

00:21:56: Tab’s been playing some Zoo Tyc- whoops, Planet Zoo, Emily is Away ❤

00:24:32: Joey’s been playing: Resident Evil Village Demo, Emily is Away <3, Pistol Whip, Arizona Sunshine, other VR games, the PS3 CPU/GPU thermal paste replacement game

00:32:54: Emily is Away ❤

00:56:56: Video Gamie and the Infinite Sadness (that was terrible. We basically talk about crying and other strong emotive responses to video games)

01:01:09: 😉

Theme song by lovers.tiff: loverstiff.bandcamp.com

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